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Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills Elevates Housekeeping Standards with Implementation of ProHost® Nexus Boutique Solution

Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills exterior overlooking Santa Monica Boulevard.
Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills | Hilton

Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills, an emblem of the unique urban oasis within the vibrant city of Beverly Hills, has embarked on a new journey with Hostar International, Inc. by integrating the ProHost® Nexus Boutique Solution into its housekeeping operations. This initiative is a reflection of the hotel's dedication to providing a serene and sumptuous experience in its 171-room property.

Innovative Housekeeping for an Iconic Retreat

ProHost® Nexus Boutique Solution, including 20S Supplier Cart, 56R Reserve Cart, Centralized Amenities, and Equipment Programming by Hostar International.
Hostar International, Inc.

Embracing the spirit of the city's glamorous lifestyle, Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills has selected the ProHost® Nexus Boutique Solution, featuring the 20S Supplier Cart and the 56R Reserve Cart. This choice aligns with the hotel's ethos of offering a tranquil haven amidst the bustle of Los Angeles, ensuring that every aspect of the guest's stay is handled with care and finesse.

Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills, set at the crossroads of Wilshire and Santa Monica Boulevards, is not just a hotel but a destination that captures the essence of Hollywood's glamour. The hotel is a favorite among those seeking a blend of the city's energy and a peaceful retreat. With its rooftop pool deck offering panoramic views and its dedication to personalized service, Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills stands as a testament to the city's dynamic and luxurious lifestyle.

Seamless Service in a City Sanctuary

The introduction of Hostar's ProHost® Nexus Boutique Solution at Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills is a strategic enhancement to the hotel's promise of a restful and rejuvenating stay. This system ensures that every guest room, from the bespoke furnishings to the meticulously appointed amenities, reflects the hotel's commitment to providing a tranquil and luxurious environment. The ProHost® system enables the housekeeping team to operate with increased efficiency and discretion, further enhancing the guest's experience of serene indulgence.


Hostar International, Inc. is delighted to partner with Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills, a property that captures the essence of Beverly Hills' unique character. This partnership is built on a mutual understanding of the importance of discreet and efficient service, ensuring that every guest at Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills enjoys a stay that is both relaxing and impeccably serviced.

Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills

Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills Villa Suite seating area with oversized terrace.
Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills | Hilton

Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills offers a combination of true urban sophistication and a serene escape within the city. The hotel is a celebration of the best that Beverly Hills has to offer, from its exclusive rooftop pool deck to its world-class culinary offerings. As part of the renowned Waldorf Astoria brand, the hotel is committed to creating unforgettable experiences for its guests, defined by unparalleled service and a touch of Hollywood glamour.

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