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St. Regis Chicago Elevates Luxury with Nexus Boutique Solution

St. Regis Chicago waterfront exterior
St. Regis Chicago | Marriott International, Inc.

St. Regis Chicago, designed by architect Jeanne Gang, is the tallest structure in the world designed by a woman. Completed in 2020 at a cost of nearly $1 billion, the St. Regis Chicago stands out as an awe-inspiring hotel at the confluence of the Chicago River and Lake Michigan.

In a landmark partnership with Hostar International, Inc., St. Regis Chicago, an epitome of luxury and elegance in the hospitality industry, has adopted the cutting-edge ProHost® Nexus Boutique Solution to enhance its housekeeping services. This initiative is a testament to St. Regis Chicago's relentless pursuit of excellence in guest experience and operational efficiency.

Bespoke Luxury Meets Innovative Efficiency

ProHost® Nexus Boutique Solution, including 20S Supplier Cart, 56R Reserve Cart, Centralized Amenities and Equipment Programming by Hostar International.
Hostar International, Inc.

St. Regis Chicago, a 192-room masterpiece located in the heart of Chicago, has integrated the ProHost® Nexus Boutique Solution, featuring the 20S Supplier Cart, a Collector Cart, and the 56R Reserve Cart, into its operations. The 56R Reserve Carts have been uniquely customized with doors, creating a sophisticated satellite exchange area that aligns with the hotel's luxurious aesthetic.

The implementation of the ProHost® Nexus Boutique Solution at St. Regis Chicago is a strategic enhancement to the hotel's commitment to providing an unrivaled guest experience. This system not only streamlines housekeeping operations but also complements the hotel's commitment to personalized service and attention to detail, hallmarks of the St. Regis brand.

St. Regis Chicago | Marriott International

St. Regis Chicago Superior King room with a view of downtown Chicago.
St. Regis Chicago | Marriott International, Inc.

St. Regis Chicago, part of the renowned St. Regis Hotels & Resorts, is a luxury hotel that offers an unrivaled dimension of luxury, sophistication, and bespoke service. From its iconic architecture to its opulent interiors and world-class amenities, St. Regis Chicago provides an unparalleled experience for its guests. The hotel's commitment to excellence is evident in every detail, making it a preferred destination for discerning travelers.

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ProHost® System | Hostar International, Inc.

Hostar International, Inc. excels in providing intelligent equipment and logistics planning solutions designed to centralize and streamline the distribution of essential hotel supplies such as linen, terry, room amenities, and more. Our primary objective is to support hotels in achieving operational excellence and elevating guest satisfaction.

At the core of our offering is the ProHost® System, a solution that empowers room attendants by equipping them with the necessary materials and tools, significantly reducing their time spent on logistical tasks. This time-saving advantage translates into the ability to deliver superior guest service, resulting in improved guest ratings, higher occupancy rates, and ultimately, increased revenue. Moreover, the ProHost® System also enhances efficiency for day housepersons, supervisors, and managers, optimizing overall performance.

As a committed partner, we collaborate closely with your hotel team to develop a tailored solution that aligns with your specific physical layout, service requirements, and productivity goals. Upon implementation, the ProHost® System seamlessly manages inventory flow, ensuring precise distribution and effective cost management. This optimization leads to enhanced efficiency and an elevated level of guest service across your entire department. 

The ProHost® System boasts a proven track record of success, bolstering guest service standards while also strengthening your bottom line. Our expertise lies in customizing the ProHost® System to cater to a diverse range of hotels and resorts, from luxury boutiques to large-scale megaresorts and casinos worldwide.

To learn more about Hostar’s ProHost® System offerings and how they can improve your operations, please contact Andy McCabe at or visit today.

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