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Savannah Plant Riverside District Hotel Chooses ProHost® System

Exterior image of the JW Marriott® Savannah Plant Riverside District Hotel in the evening.

JW Marriott® Savannah Plant Riverside District hotels, including the Three Muses, partnered with Hostar in August 2020. The Marriott® Savannah in the PRD wanted the ProHost® housekeeping system to make guests feel fully comfortable with the cleanliness of the rooms and common spaces, while increasing the efficiency of the housekeeping team. Hostar International is proud to be part of the team which helps the guests and customers of the Marriott® Savannah in the PRD enjoy their visit to the Hostess City!

The Marriott® Savannah in the PRD is the pinnacle of luxury. Located right in Savannah's iconic entertainment destination, these hotels are perfect for a romantic getaway or a work-hard/play-hard business trip. Located right on the Savannah River and in downtown Savannah, these two combined-303-room hotels are customized to your style - historic chic architecture at the Power Plant, romantic and elegant at the Three Muses, and contemporary maritime in the Atlantic.

This Marriott-brand hotel needed a housekeeping partner who could really deliver the goods - in a safe, clean, and organized fashion. ProHost® was the obvious choice to keep the housekeeping team ready to go at a moment's notice, and keep guests satisfied.

20S Boutique Cart from the ProHost® system by Hostar International.

The ProHost® housekeeping system from Hostar was chosen by the Marriott® Savannah in the PRD to boost the luxury and boutique feel. The ProHost® boutique hotel solution streamlines the distribution of linen, terry, amenities, and supplies. The boutique solution allows the Marriott® Savannah in the PRD to manage high occupancy and fast-turn challenges while maintaining task focus and accountability. Each room attendant is provided with a 20S Boutique Cart which is placed inside the guest room during cleaning. Backup linen and terry are held in the housekeeping service closet in a 56R Reserve Cart.

Hostar is a solutions provider for housekeeping as well as food and beverage departments in hotels across the world. Using custom carts and a highly-efficient organizational system, Hostar helps hotels organize their departments more efficiently and save money. Since 1989, Hostar has serviced hotels as small as 150-room luxury boutiques and as large as 3,000 room properties.

To learn more about the ProHost® System and how it can improve your operations, please contact Andy McCabe at or visit today.