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Northern Quest Resort & Casino Enhances Housekeeping with ProHost® Nexus Full Service Solution

Exterior of River Tower at Northern Quest Resort & Casino
Northern Quest Resort & Casino

Northern Quest Resort & Casino in Airway Heights, Washington, USA, stands as a testament to simple luxuries and community heritage. In 2010, Northern Quest partnered with Hostar to install the ProHost® solution in the 250-room Canoe Tower. Now, more than a decade later, the 190+ rooms of the River Tower will also integrate the ProHost® Nexus Full Service Solution into housekeeping operations!

Practical Elegance for a Comfortable Stay

ProHost® Nexus Full Service Solution, including 40S Supplier Cart, C3 Collector Cart, 56R Reserve Cart, Centralized Amenities, and Equipment Programming by Hostar International.
Hostar International, Inc.

The River Tower, inspired by the Kalispel fish weir and embodying the spirit of community and tradition, has adopted the ProHost® Nexus Full Service Solution to elevate its operational efficiency. This system, featuring the 40S Supplier Cart, C3 Collector Cart, and the 56R Reserve Cart, is designed to streamline housekeeping services while maintaining the River Tower's commitment to comfort and convenience. Each component plays a crucial role: the 40S Supplier Cart ensures that all necessary supplies are readily available to the staff, the C3 Collector Cart efficiently manages linen and refuse collection, and the 56R Reserve Cart serves as a mobile storage unit, keeping additional supplies within easy reach.

This integration is more than just an operational upgrade; it's a commitment to maintaining the River Tower's ethos of practical elegance. By optimizing housekeeping workflows, the ProHost® Nexus Full Service Solution allows the staff to focus more on guest interactions and personalized service, ensuring that every stay is memorable for its comfort and attention to detail.

Comfort and Innovation

The River Tower, with its plush beds, quality linens, and triple-body-jet showers, is a haven of comfort. The integration of Hostar's ProHost® system takes this comfort to the next level by ensuring that every aspect of the guest's stay is managed with precision and care. This blend of modern efficiency and traditional values is what makes the River Tower unique.

The ProHost® system improves the efficiency of housekeeping services and also contributes to the overall ambiance of the Tower. By reducing the time and effort required for logistical tasks, the system allows the hotel staff to invest more in creating a welcoming and homely atmosphere for guests, ensuring that each stay is not just comfortable but also deeply satisfying.


Hostar International, Inc. is proud to partner with the River Tower at Northern Quest Resort & Casino. This collaboration highlights a shared commitment to enhancing guest comfort through innovative and efficient operational solutions. It sets a new standard in the hospitality industry, demonstrating how technology and tradition can work together to create an exceptional guest experience.

The Hostar International, Inc. team has successfully partnered with Native American tribes across the United States for hospitality operations, including in California, Oklahoma, and Connecticut.

River Tower at Northern Quest Resort & Casino

Lavish double-vanity bathroom in the Regal King Suite at River Tower at Northern Quest Resort & Casino
Northern Quest Resort & Casino

The River Tower, part of Northern Quest Resort & Casino, offers a unique experience that combines the comforts of home with the excitement of a resort. Known for its cozy rooms, convenient amenities, and connection to local heritage, the River Tower is a preferred choice for guests seeking both relaxation and entertainment. Owned and operated by the Kalispel Tribe of Indians (Pend d'Oreilles), 20+ years of gaming experience inform the Vegas-style casino gaming and world-class hotel rooms of Northern Quest.

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