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Choctaw Casino & Resort-Durant Chooses Hostar Full Service Solution

Exterior of Choctaw Casino & Resort-Durant Sky Tower
Choctaw Casino & Resort-Durant | Choctaw Casinos & Resorts

Choctaw Casino & Resort-Durant, one of the United States’ premier tribal gaming resorts, is located just a few miles from the shores of Lake Texoma, along the Oklahoma-Texas border. With 1,286 rooms combined, the Sky Tower and Spa Tower offer luxury gaming and unlimited entertainment possibilities. The Grand Tower is currently under renovation.

Choctaw Casino & Resort-Durant opened the Grand Tower in 2006, with the Sky Tower opening in 2010, and the Spa Tower opening in 2021. Their team needed a housekeeping solution for the daily demands of housekeeping at Sky Tower with 18 guest floors and Spa Tower with 11 guest floors in 2022. With both Sky and Spa Towers already operating, they chose to transition their housekeeping operation to a ProHost® System, partnering with Hostar.

Choctaw Casino & Resort-Durant’s Housekeeping Solution

Full Service Solution, including 40S Supplier Cart, C3 Collector, 56R Reservice Cart, Centralized Amenities, and Equipment Programming by Hostar International.
Hostar International, Inc.

Hostar provided the ProHost® Full Service Solution to improve guest services and the efficiency of the housekeeping team.

During the installation period, the Choctaw housekeeping team and the Hostar team orchestrated the transition from a traditional distribution process to a ProHost® System while the hotel was operating at high occupancy. The goal: improve morale by providing the Sky and Spa Tower room attendants with a pre-loaded cart, tools, and system to service the guest rooms. The system allowed room attendants to focus more attention on the guest rooms, increase organization in the heart of the house, streamline distribution, and improve the appearance of guest hallways.

The Full Service Solution provides each room attendant with a 40S Supplier Cart and a C3 Collector Cart to move from room to room, along with a 56R Reserve Cart. Through the ProHost® System and Full Service Solution, the result is fewer trips per room to the closet, improved guest service, and more room cleaning time per attendant.

Hostar International is proud to be the vendor of choice for a team that is always looking to make improvements to its operation. The ProHost® Full Service Solution was the obvious choice to keep the Choctaw Casino & Resort-Durant housekeeping team ready.

Choctaw Casino & Resort-Durant | Choctaw Casinos & Resorts

Interior room of Choctaw Casino & Resort-Durant Spa Tower.
Choctaw Casino & Resort-Durant | Choctaw Casinos & Resorts

The possibilities are endless at Choctaw Casino & Resort-Durant. Leave your usual night out behind and dive into 7,400 slot machines, over 100 table games, 16 restaurants, a bowling alley, an arcade, and six movie theatres! Choctaw Casino & Resort-Durant opened with the ProHost® Full Service Solution at the Sky Tower in June 2022 and the Spa Tower in May 2022.

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