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1 Hotel Nashville Chooses Hostar Boutique Solution

Exterior of 1 Hotel Nashville
1 Hotel Nashville | SH Hotels & Resorts

1 Hotel Nashville is nestled in the heart of the Music City and is the city’s first mission-driven sustainable luxury hotel. With 215 rooms, an ivy facade, and skyline views, 1 Hotel Nashville is truly an urban sanctuary.

To provide a high level of housekeeping at their luxury hotel, 1 Hotel Nashville chose Hostar International. The team at Hostar provided a boutique solution, achieving a “cartless” appearance and consistent housekeeping processes.

1 Hotel Nashville’s Housekeeping Solution

Boutique Solution, including 20S Boutique Cart, 56R Reserve Cart, Centralized Amenities, and System Services by Hostar International.
Hostar International, Inc.

Hostar provided the ProHost® Boutique Solution to provide luxury guest services and improve the efficiency of the housekeeping team while maintaining the distinct style of 1 Hotel Nashville.

During the installation period, Hostar provided 1 Hotel Nashville’s room attendants with the tools and materials needed to focus more attention on the guest rooms, increase organization in the heart of the house, streamline distribution, and improve the appearance of guest hallways.

The ProHost® Boutique Solution provides each room attendant with a 20S Boutique Cart. The Boutique Cart is small enough to be positioned in the guest room and smart enough to hold a full day’s worth of small items, such as: amenities, room supplies, hand towels, washcloths, bath mats, facecloths, etc. The result is fewer trips-per-room to the closet, improved guest service, and the elimination of the “cluster of clutter” in the hallway.

The room attendants are also provided with a 56R Reserve Cart stationed in the service area, for easy access to additional linen and terry during the fewer trips-per-room. With 13 floors of guest rooms and limited closet space, the 56R Reserve Cart was key to a successful installation.

Hostar International is proud to partner with a team that is always looking to make improvements to its operation. The ProHost® Boutique Solution was the obvious choice to keep the 1 Hotel Nashville housekeeping team ready.

Room interior at 1 Hotel Nashville.
1 Hotel Nashville | SH Hotels & Resorts

1 Hotel Nashville | SH Hotels & Resorts

The sustainable sanctuary of 1 Hotel Nashville is nestled in the heart of downtown, within walking distance to South Broadway, and situated next to the Music City Center and the Country Music Hall of Fame. 1 Hotel Nashville opened with the ProHost® Boutique Solution on July 8, 2022.

To learn more about 1 Hotel Nashville, visit them online at

ProHost® System | Hostar International, Inc.

Hostar is a solutions provider for housekeeping as well as food and beverage departments in hotels across the world. Using custom carts and a highly-efficient organizational system, Hostar helps hotels organize their departments more efficiently and save money. Since 1989, Hostar has serviced hotels as small as 150-room luxury boutiques and as large as 3,000-room properties.

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