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Hostar International, Inc. provides hoteliers with smart solutions to distribution management in Housekeeping and F&B operations. From 150 room Luxury Boutiques to 3,000 room Mega Properties, ProHost® systems provide the technology needed to meet operational objectives in the Heart-of-the-House.

ProHost® Mobiles and Smart Carts replace traditional housekeeping carts, linen racks, and linen closet shelving. ProHost® Systems improve service, reduce operational costs, and increase productivity.ProHost® Applications:  Mini Bar Carts, Meeting Set-Up, Side Bar, Back Bar, Merchandizing Carts, Arena's Portable Mini Bars, Golf Courses, and many more!

Equipment Dimensions

Equipment Dimensions

Download our Equipment Dimensions for Smart Carts and Mobiles. If you have any additional questions, please visit our Contact Us page to speak directly with our housekeeping experts.


Cromwell Las Vegas

Hostar International Inc.'s ProHost® System has been selected 
for the Cromwell Hotel, Las Vegas

We are pleased to announce the Cromwell Hotel has partnered with Hostar International Inc. to install the ProHost® Housekeeping System.

The Cromwell Hotel, Las Vegas is an upscale, 188 room, boutique hotel located in Las Vegas. The first stand-alone boutique hotel on the Strip offering a sophisticated vibe with vintage-meets-modern design.


Hotel management selected Hostar International's Smart Carts and Collectors, in the charcoal and silver option, for room attendants. Using the ProHost® Distribution Process, Smart Carts and Reserve Linen Tote Carriers are programmed-loaded for each section and refilled on a daily basis by a specialized restocking team. The goal: less time spent on material handling, more time for improved guest services.

The ProHost® System is designed to improve guest scores, increase productivity and lower operational cost. Hostar International, Inc. has been developing innovative solutions for the hospitality industry for over 25 years and continues to bring new equipment and processes to the market each year.

To learn more about the ProHost® System and how it can improve your operations, please contact Andy McCabe at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit

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